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npm install -g tpad


tpad(index, color) - change the color of a pad

tpad.color('#FF0') - set the color of all the leds

pad operations

tpad(index) - get a pad

tpad(index).on([pressure,press,depress], function(pad) {}) - bind to events

tpad(index).color('#fff'); - change the color of an individual button

tpad(0).on('pressure', function(p) { p.color(color().hsv((p.value/18000)*360, 100, 100)); }) - change the color of button[0] based on the amount of pressure applied

pre-baked functionality

very basic animation

tpad.animate(100, [0,1,2,3], function(pad) {
  tpad.color('000'); // turn all the lights off 
  pad.color('F00'); // turn the current pad red 

or shift on hsv!

var a = 0;
tpad.animate(100, [0,1,3,2], function(p) {
  if(a>360) {
  p.color(color().hsv(a, 100, 100));

and to stop the animation tpad.stop() calling tpad.animate again will first stop the currently running animation

tpad.each(function(pad, index) { }) - iterate through the pads

visualize() - this will spawn an http server and open a browser window so you can see pressure changes as you press buttons

midi() - causes a pad to emit a midi note (starting at middle C + pad index)

as a library