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Tower Directive component

Tower Directive

API to the DOM. Tells the DOM what to do.

$ component install tower/directive
var directive = require('tower-directive');
directive('data-text', function(scope, element, attr){
  element.textContent = scope[attr.value];
var content = { foo: 'Hello World' };
var element = document.querySelector('#example');
directive('data-text').exec(content, element);
<span id="example" data-text="foo"></span>


<span id="example" data-text="foo">Hello World</span>

The directives are used more robustly in tower-template.

This one must be exact to maximize performance.

Globally execute all directives.

Install testem:

$ npm install -g testem

Install Node Packages:

$ npm link

Install Components:

$ component install -d

Run tests:

$ testem

Then, open all the browsers you want to test by going to the outputted url defaulted to http://localhost:7357

Tests will run on any open browser linked to the stated url and your current Node environment.

Before you send a pull request, make sure your code meets the style guidelines at and all tests pass.