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Take screenshots of sites. Uses node-webshot, which in turn uses phantomjs.

Images are saved as base64 strings of pngs.


Install from npm:

    $ npm install -g tourist

Alternatively, you can clone the repository, install the required modules using npm, and run from bin/:

    $ git clone
    $ npm install
    $ bin/cmd.js


Tourist takes multiple options and a single argument for a file containing newline separated urls.

    tourist [options] <url file>

         -c, --concurrency  Amount of concurrent requests  [default: 10]
         -u, --useragent    User-Agent string              [default: "Mozilla/5.0..]
         -h, --height       Screenshot height              [default: 400]
         -w, --width        Screenshot width               [default: 400]
         -p, --phantom      phantomjs path                 [default: "phantomjs"]
         -j, --json         Output JSON object
         -o, --out          Output file                    [default: "index.html"]
         -a, --append       Append to file