Sencha Touch Class System, Utilities, and DOM-Free classes ported to Node JS

Touch Node

Touch Node is a port of the entire Sencha Touch Class System, utilities as well as DOM-Free classes. These classes include:

  • Data connection (Ajax, JSONP, Ext.Direct)
  • Model, Store and Proxies
  • Utility classes for Array, String, Date, etc...
  • Loader
  • Logger
  • and more

This was built off Sencha Touch 2.3.1

npm install touch-node
var Ext = require('touch-node');

If you want to use the uncompressed (dev) version of the library you can require the dev submodule

var Ext = require('touch-node/dev');

For more information on the Sencha Touch class system and examples, please refer to the library documentation page here:

Sencha Touch Documentation

Sencha Touch is licensed under GPLv3. For more see the here: license.txt