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Sencha Touch Class System, Utilities, and DOM-Free classes ported to Node JS

Touch Node =========

Touch Node is a port of the entire Sencha Touch Class System, utilities as well as DOM-Free classes. These classes include:

  • Data connection (Ajax, JSONP, Ext.Direct)
  • Model, Store and Proxies
  • Utility classes for Array, String, Date, etc...
  • Loader
  • Logger
  • and more

This was built off Sencha Touch 2.3.1

npm install touch-node
var Ext = require('touch-node');

If you want to use the uncompressed (dev) version of the library you can require the dev submodule

var Ext = require('touch-node/dev');

To see the module in action take a look at the example directory where we show how to leverage create classes, mixins for those classes and require them with Ext.Loader.

For more information on the Sencha Touch class system and examples, please refer to the library documentation page here:

Sencha Touch Documentation

Sencha Touch is licensed under GPLv3. For more see the here: license.txt