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An Angular 2 game module to facilitate the creation of a multiple choices game.

The module offers the posibilities of math questions (using latex) or plain text question (see the pictures below).


npm install --save torbi.ng2-choices-game

Then you need to configure it in your systemjs.config.js if you use it.


The library was thinked to be really easy to use. You got two main components: game-view component and GameControl service. Additionally, you will need to use models: a collection of models classes.


The GameControl is your interface to control the whole game. You can call methods or attach to events. Next we show you the interface details:


setGameInstance(GameInstance) : Sets the instance of the game
getGameInstance() : Retrieve the game instance
start() : Starts the game
pause() : Pauses the game
resume() : Resumes the game


onScoreChange() : called when the score changes, returns an observable of the Score to add. This method is really important to manage the user score
onStart() : called when the game is started.
onGameInstanceChange() : called when the game instance is changed.
onLevelChange(): called when a level is changed. Returns the number of the new level
onGameOver() : called when the game is over. Returns a GameOverType.

For library test purposes, this service offers a gameMock. You can use it to facilitate the library's first uses (keep in mind that the game model could be a big json file)

Game View Component

This is the main selector of the library. This was thinked to work without anything else. Like this:


But if you use it like above, the Level Load Screen and Game Over Screen will not show anything. To avoid this situation, you need to use a few more selectors. Below, we show you how:

    here you can put the html to show at the charge of the first level
    <p>Prepare to Plaaay!<p>
    here you can put the html to show at the charge of all non first level
    here you can put the html to show at the game over screen

Effectivity content

Like we said above, the goal of this library it's to be easy to use. For that reason we added a selector called <effectivity-content [isGameOver]='boolean'></effectivity-content>, to use in the level-load-body and game-over-body. You can look the result of the use of this selector at the third and fourth images at the beginning of this readme.

    <p>Prepare to Plaaay!<p>
   <effectivity-content [isGameOver]='false'></effectivity-content>
    <effectivity-content [isGameOver]='true'></effectivity-content>




npm i torbi.ng2-choices-game

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