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CSS for clean and fast web apps


  • Download Topcoat

  • Open index.html to view the usage guides.

  • Copy your desired theme CSS from the css/ folder into your project

  • Copy the img/ and font/ folders into your project ( Feel free to only copy the images and font weights you intend to use )

  • Link the CSS into your page

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/topcoat-mobile-light.min.css">

*Alternatively incorporate the css into your build process if you are so inclined.


Start by checking out our Backlog. (Pls file issues against this repo.)

For the details see our Engineering Practices.


For performance tests, see dev/test/perf/telemetry/.


Topcoat uses Grunt to build

  • Open the terminal from the topcoat directory

      cd topcoat
  • Install npm *comes packaged with node.

  • Install its command line interface (CLI) globally

      npm install -g grunt-cli
  • Install dependencies with npm

      npm install

*Topcoat uses Grunt 0.4.0. You might want to read more on their website if you haven't upgraded since a lot has changed.

  • Type grunt in the command line to build the css.
  • The results will be built into the release folder.
  • Alternatively type grunt watch to have the build run automatically when you make changes to source files.

Release notes

See Release Notes.


Apache license