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TopAPI (Taobao Open Platform API client library for node.js)

This library is a very simple sdk for TOP APIs, and it only support Taobaoke and Tmall APIs right now. It can be extended simply as needed.

As a Node.js library, it's asynchronous.


install easily with npm:

npm install topapi


1, import the module:

var TopAPI = require('topapi');

2, Initialize the library with your App Key and Secret, as well as your taobaoke_id:

TopAPI.init(key, secret, taobaoke_id);

3, Now you can call the supported APIs very easily:

TopAPI.taobaoke_items_get({keyword: 'iphone'}, function(result) {

All API methods require two parameters: an options object and a callback function. The option object should include the user-level parameters for the corresponding API call.