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Tonic UI is meant to provide a set of reusable components for building complex user interfaces and applications while having those components well tested.

The user should be able to pick and choose what they want and only embed the 1% they care about, all without exploding their application size.


See the documentation for a getting started guide, advanced documentation, and API descriptions.


The tonic suite of components can be develop independently of each other or treated as a whole.

When fetched individually, all the common build tools will be installed locally automatically either at post-install or when you build the library.

$ git clone 
$ cd tonic-ui
$ npm install
$ npm run build

Otherwise you can get the full Tonic suite with the following set of commands:

$ git clone 
$ cd tonic
$ npm install
$ cd tonic-components/tonic-ui
$ npm run build


tonic-ui is licensed under BSD Clause 3.

Getting Involved

Fork our repository and do great things. At Kitware, we've been contributing to open-source software for 15 years and counting, and want to make tonic-ui useful to as many people as possible.