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A collection of wrapper classes that functionally extend classList and relList in a DOM Element.

These classes add the following features which the native DOMTokenList lacks:

  1. Can accept tokens with spaces. Instead of throwing an error, will instead consider such input to be a space-separated list.
  2. Can accept multiple tokens by means of multiple parameters, arrays, nested arrays, space-separated lists, or any combination thereof.
  3. Supports toggling, replacing, and checking the existence of multiple tokens at once.
  4. Permits chained function calls when possible.


Requires Node.js 8.3.0 or above.

npm i tokenlists


The module exports an object containing three classes: ClassList, RelList, and TokenList.

const {ClassList, RelList, TokenList} = require('tokenlists')

Each class can also be required individually.

const ClassList = require('tokenlists/class')
const RelList = require('tokenlists/rel')
const TokenList = require('tokenlists/token')

TokenList is the class on which the other two are based. You probably won’t need to use TokenList directly.


The constructors for all of the classes each accept one argument:

  • The TokenList constructor accepts a DOMTokenList.
  • The ClassList constructor accepts an Element.
  • The RelList constructor accepts a DOM element with relList support (such as HTMLAnchorElement).


All three classes have the same methods.

In the function definitions below, the ...tokens parameter is a rest parameter that will accept any number of arguments. These arguments can be strings (including space-separated strings) or string arrays (including nested arrays).

  • has (...tokens)
    • Will return true only if all tokens are present.
  • hasAny (...tokens)
    • Will return true if at least one token is present.
  • add (...tokens)
  • remove (...tokens)
  • removeIf (callback)
  • removeAll()
  • removeAllExcept (...permittedTokens)
  • replace (oldItems, newItems)
    • oldItems: A string or array of tokens.
    • newItems: A string or array of tokens.
    • If all the oldItems are present, they are removed and replaced with newItems.
  • toggle (...tokens)
    • For each given item, removes it if it’s present, and adds it if not. Each item is toggled independently of the others.
  • toggleTogether (...tokens)
    • If all given tokens are present, removes all of them. Otherwise adds any that are not present. Ensures that no item is present or absent without the others.
  • if (condition, thenItems, [elseItems])
    • condition: A boolean that determines whether or not the tokens should be present.
    • thenItems: A string or array of tokens.
    • elseItems: A string or array of tokens.
    • If condition is true, removes elseItems and adds thenItems. Otherwise removes thenItems and adds elseItems.
  • item (index)
  • length


npm i tokenlists

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