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    Toggle Switch Component for react native, it works on Android, iOS and Web (react-native-web).

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      1. Run npm i toggle-switch-react-native --save
      1. import ToggleSwitch from 'toggle-switch-react-native'



    Getting started

    To Get Started, Import toggle-switch-react-native to your js file.

    import ToggleSwitch from 'toggle-switch-react-native'

    Inside your component's render method, or any other method returning views, use ToggleSwitch:

      label="Example label"
      labelStyle={{ color: "black", fontWeight: "900" }}
      onToggle={isOn => console.log("changed to : ", isOn)}


    Props Type Optional Default Description
    isOn Boolean true 'false' Default state, true for On, false for off
    onColor String true '#634fc9' On Color
    offColor String true '#ecf0f1' Off Color
    label String true Custom Label Text on the Left of the toggle Button
    labelStyle Object, StyleSheet true {marginHorizontal: 10} Custom Styling for the Label Text View
    thumbOnStyle Object, StyleSheet true null Custom Styling for the On Thumb
    thumbOffStyle Object, StyleSheet true null Custom Styling for the Off Thumb
    trackOnStyle Object, StyleSheet true null Custom Styling for the On Track
    trackOffStyle Object, StyleSheet true null Custom Styling for the Off Track
    size String true 'medium' Size of the toggle switch button ( 'large', 'medium', 'small')
    icon React Component true null Icon for the toggle. Can be any React Component considerate of size
    onToggle Function Callback false none Callback when the toggle switch component changes the state, params: isOn
    disabled Boolean true 'false' Disable toggling the component
    animationSpeed Number true 300 Speed of the toggle animation


    If you encountered an Issue, please add a screenshot of the bug or a code snippet.

    Quickest way to solve issue is to reproduce it on the example project

    Pull requests are welcome. If you want to change the API or imporove something, feel free to create an issue and discuss it first.

    MIT Licensed


    npm i toggle-react-native

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