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    Manage your time entries from the familiarity of the nearby CLI.

    Download (node v5.0+)

    $ npm install -g toggl-cli

    Usage (Simple)

    Simple Mode demo

    $ toggl --help
      Manage your time entries from the familiarity of the nearby CLI.
        Interactive mode:
          $ toggl
        Single request:
          $ toggl <cmd>
        -v --version     - output version
        -h --help        - output this help
        --examples       - show usage examples
        --no-colors      - disable colors
        --save-token     - save provided token and exit
        -t --token       - run with a custom token (will not be saved)
        --set-background - set color theme. Choose more readible: dark or light
        c current             - see details of currently running time entry (if any).
        l list [amount|when]  - list last <amount> of time entries (default: 8) or <when> (see below)
        s smart [name|number] - start or stop the entry, whatever makes more sense.
          start [name|number] - start new time entry with the given name, or resume if number is given.
          stop                - stop running entry.
        r rename <new-name>   - rename currently running entry to <new-name>.
        b browser             - open Toggl timer in default browser.
        → Values in [square brackets] are optional.
        → <when> is one of:
            today, yesterday, last Monday, last tue, etc…
    $ toggl --examples
      Set default token for all future launches:
        $ toggl --save-token d9db051bf06be16c2027d3cb08769451
      List last 17 time entries for a different account:
        $ toggl --token a1ad615af03be16c2027d3dc08291457 list 17
      Run interactive mode with a different token:
        $ toggl --token a1ad615af03be16c2027d3dc08291457
      Start a new task named "Writing toggl-cli docs":
        $ toggl start Writing toggl-cli docs
      Resume last running time entry:
        $ toggl start 1
      List entries from the last Friday:
        $ toggl list last friday
      Alias toggl for work:
        $ echo "toggl2='toggl --token <work-token>'" >> ~/.bashrc
        $ toggl list yesterday  # yesterday entries from your private account
        $ toggl2 list           # last 8 entries from your work account
    $ toggl --logo
               .: NN :.
             cX0l NN l0Nc
            xM;   NN   ;Mx
            WK    OO    KW
            oMc        cMo

    Usage (Interactive)

    Interactive Mode demo

      Time entry
        c ⇾ current        1-9 ⇾ resume from the list
        s ⇾ start or stop    r ⇾ rename        l ⇾ list last 8
        d ⇾ discard          p ⇾ add project   L ⇾ list last 16
        x ⇾ clear         h, ? ⇾ help          v ⇾ version
        b ⇾ open in browser  q ⇾ quit
      What do you want to do [c,1-9,s,r,d,p,l,L,b,v,h,?,q]?


    • This module is in no way supported nor developed by .
    • It's still WIP, any and all PRs highly appreciated (esp. tests ☺)

    Bugs and feedback

    If you discover a bug please report it here.

    Mail me at, or on twitter @meeDamian.


    MIT @ Damian Mee


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