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    TodayJS is a library, extends you with useful methods for handling today-date in JavaScript.


    TodayJS extends you with simple and powerful methods that you can use to handle the today-date, following are some other features.

    • Pure JavaScript.
    • Very Lightweight, Less Than 2 Kilobytes.
    • Easy To Install.
    • Easy To Use.


    As normal plugin

    1. Clone the repo in your PC.
    2. Open the repo folder.
    3. Copy the js folder into your project directory.
    4. Include the today.js file in your html file.
    <script src="js/today.js"></script>

    Notice: I assume that your html file is in the root directory.

    Now, you are all set to use TodayJS in your project.

    As NPM package

    Install the package in your project.

    npm install today-node --save

    Require the package.

    const TodayJS = require("today-node");

    Now, you are all set to use TodayJS in your project.


    To use TodayJS, you need an instance from the TodayJS constructor.

    const today = new TodayJS();

    Now, you can use TodayJS methods, following is a table of TodayJS methods.

    Method Params Description
    milliseconds() Doesn't have param. Returns milliseconds.
    seconds() Doesn't have param. Returns seconds.
    minutes() Doesn't have param. Returns minutes.
    hours() Doesn't have param. Returns hours.
    day() Accepts one param. Returns a day of week or a day of month depending on the value you passed to its param (week, month).
    month() Doesn't have param. Returns a month.
    year() Doesn't have param. Returns a year.

    Usage Example:

    const TodayJS = require("today-node");
    const today = new TodayJS();
    console.log(`Today's date is: ${"week")}, ${today.month()} ${"month")}, ${today.year()}`);


    Thank you for using TodayJS, if you experienced any issue feel free to describe it here.


    npm i today-node

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