node package manager



toDataURL takes whatever you give it (assuming it's supported) and turns it into something you can download.

Supported inputs are:

  • string- uses built-in btoa function
  • Array- takes Array of numbers and assumes they're bytes (converts to Uint8Array internally)
  • Uint8Array- uses a home-grown base64 conversion function

toDataURL works with pakmanager and probably any other CommonJS compliant browser package builders.

Exported Methods

  • toDataURL- takes up to three arguments
    • data- one of the supported formats listed above
    • mimeType- optional; application/octet-stream is the default
    • download- optional; defaults to false; this will automagically download the data if true
  • openDataURL- takes up to two arguments
    • data- the dataURL output from toDataURL
    • name- name of the window to open it in (defaults to _self)