HTML-to-Markdown converter


An HTML to Markdown converter written in JavaScript.

The API is as follows:

toMarkdown(stringOfHTML, options);

Download the compiled script located at dist/to-markdown.js.

<script src="PATH/TO/to-markdown.js"></script>

<script>toMarkdown('<h1>Hello world!</h1>')</script>

Or with Bower:

$ bower install to-markdown

<script src="PATH/TO/bower_components/to-markdown/dist/to-markdown.js"></script>

<script>toMarkdown('<h1>Hello world!</h1>')</script>
$ npm install to-markdown

var toMarkdown = require('to-markdown');
toMarkdown('<h1>Hello world!</h1>');

(Note it is no longer necessary to call .toMarkdown on the required module as of v1.)

to-markdown has beta support for GitHub flavored markdown (GFM). Set the gfm option to true:

toMarkdown('<del>Hello world!</del>', { gfm: true });

First make sure you have node.js/npm installed, then:

$ npm install --dev
$ bower install --dev

Automatically browserify the module when source files change by running:

$ npm start

To run the tests in the browser, open test/index.html.

To run in node.js:

$ npm test

Thanks to all contributors. Also, thanks to Alex Cornejo for advice and inspiration for the breadth-first search algorithm.

to-markdown is copyright © 2011-15 Dom Christie and released under the MIT license.