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Reap old files from directories


npm install tmp-reaper


  var Reaper = require('tmp-reaper');
  var reaper = new Reaper({
    threshold: '1 day',
    every: '1 hour'


Class: Reaper

Create a Reaper object.

var Reaper = require('tmp-reaper');
var reaper = new Reaper(options);


  • threshold {string | integer} maximum lifetime of files (defaults to 7days).
  • recursive {boolean} reap files in subdirectories (defaults to false).
  • keepEmptyDirs {boolean} preserve empty subdirectories (defaults to false).
  • every {string | integer} period of time between each files check. If not provided, directories will be reaped only once.
  • filetime {string} filetime to use as reference. Can be atime, mtime or ctime. (defaults to mtime)
  • pattern {string | regex} pattern that the filename has to match, else it will be skipped (optional)

Time format can be either a number of milliseconds or a string. String format is pretty permissive as it only extract numbers followed by a text, with anything in-between.

Time unit format
second s, sec, second, seconds
minute m, min, minute, minutes
hour h, hour, hours
day d, day, days

Example :

var options = {
  threshold: '7 day and 2.5 hours',
  every: '1h20m30s'


  • delete(filepath, stats) when a file has been deleted.
  • error(err) when an error occurs.


  • watch(dir) add a directory to be watched for old files.
  • unwatch(dir) stop watching the given directory.
  • start() start reaping.
  • stop() stop reaping.