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A simple in-memory cache in ~100 lines.


A simple, small (~100 lines) in-memory cache for node.js or the browser (~1.5KB minified).

npm install tinycache
var TinyCache = require( 'tinycache' );
var cache = new TinyCache();
// now just use the cache 
cache.put( 'foo', 'bar' );
console.log( cache.get( 'foo' ) );
// that wasn't too interesting, here's the good part 
cache.put( 'houdini', 'disapear', 100 ); // Time in ms 
console.log( 'Houdini will now ' + cache.get( 'houdini' ) );
setTimeout( function() {
  console.log( 'Houdini is ' + cache.get( 'houdini' ) );
}, 200 );
// don't want to allocate separate caches? 
// there's also a default shared cache: 
var sharedCache = TinyCache.shared;
sharedCache.put( 'foo', 'bar' );
// or you could grab it in a one-liner 
var theSharedCache = require( 'tinycache' ).shared;
theSharedCache.get( 'bloop' );

Stores a value to the cache. If time (in ms) is specified, the value will be automatically removed (via setTimeout)

Retreives a value for a given key, or if no key is passed, will return the internal cache object.

Deletes a key, returns a boolean indicating if the key existed and was deleted

Deletes all keys

The current number of entries in the cache

The approximate size in bytes of the cache (including all objects stored and cache overhead)

This is a rough estimate, using the js-sizeof library.

The number of cache hits

The number of cache misses.

  • Fork the project.
  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.
  • Ensure it passes jshint using .jshintrc settings.
  • Ensure it matches .jsbeautifyrc settings.
  • Ensure all tests are passing.
  • Add any relevant tests.
  • Send me a pull request.

Many thanks to Paul Tarjan for the first iteration of this library (

  • Return internal cache if get is called with no arguments
  • Improved code coverage in tests
  • Refactored timeout storage/handling
  • Removed expired checks (let timeouts handle it)
  • Doc updates
  • Change size, memsize, hits and misses to getters (breaking change)
  • Update docs
  • Update tests
  • Minor code cleanups
  • JSHint: use single quotes
  • Fix an accidental dependency screwup
  • Update docs on memsize()
  • Add/update some tests
  • Fix tests
  • Add dependency on js-sizeof and attempt to actually calculate rough in-memory cache size
  • Fix an issue with size()
  • Integrate some upstream changes like:
    • hold size variable in memory instead of recalculating each time
    • minor cleanups/fixes
  • Remove an unnecessary anonymous function call
  • Fix tests
  • Fix component.json
  • Integrate testing from @brianreavis
  • Add BSD License file via @brianreavis
  • 'use strict';
  • Pass jshint
  • jsbeautify