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Tinker with your bower and node modules!


I often find myself editing modules directly in node_modules or bower_components. When I'm done, I need to merge my changes back into a library repo or to revert to a released state.

Tinker provides some easy mechanisms to switch back and forth between modules installed from your favorite package manager and a git repo.

Getting Started

  1. Install
$ npm install tinker -g
  1. Initialize
project$ tinker init
  1. Start tinkering! (copy .git folder or git clone)
project$ tinker on module_name
project$ tinker on 'start_of_name*'

Prompts will help you protect your work.

  1. Execute commands on your modules
project$ tinker module_name gulp watch
project$ tinker module_name git status
project$ tinker module_name gulp test; gulp watch
  1. Stop tinkering! (remove .git folder or clean install)
project$ tinker off module_name