timetip =======


Deliciously-minimal time tracker for the command-line. Built on Node.js.

  • Frictionless time logging.
    > Start by typing t shopping in the grocery.

  • Everything in the terminal.
    > It's a Node.js command-line app that runs anywhere Node can. Even Windows!

  • Natural language parsing.
    > All commands are composed in such a way as if you're talking to timetip.
    Examples: t stop or t Meeting 3 minutes ago.

  • For humans who love text editors.
    > Logs are stored in a simple human-editable format that you're encouraged to edit yourself.

  • Portable data.
    > Export to json painlessly. You can also use it as an npm package to parse out your files.

Install it via npm:

npm install -g timetip

To make things easier, add this to your ~/.profile. (optional)

alias t="timetip --file ~/.timelogs"

Note: the examples below assume that you have the alias above. If you choose not to to use it, assume that the t below is timetip.

Log a task by typing t <thing-to-do>. (By convention, the first word is ideally the project name). For instance:

$ t Jsconf email speakers
# ...starts the task "Jsconf email speakers" 

Stop it using t stop:

$ t stop
# ...stops the current task 

You may also issue a reason to stop:

$ t stop coffee break
# ...stops the current task for the reason of "coffee break" 

View the status with simply t:

$ t
  september 18, 2013                                          total 1h 15m
  1:30pm     Jsconf email speakers                                     52m
  2:22pm     ⋅ coffee break                                             8m
  2:30pm     Jsconf check ticket sales                               1h 5m
  3:35pm     ⋅ break                                                   14m
  3:49pm  ✓  Errands grocery                                        ⋅⋅ now

Oops. Did you start working and forget to run your timer? No problem, just use add an offset in the format <duration> ago, or specify the time. Example:

$ t Misc coffee 3m ago
# ...starts "Misc coffee" as if you ran it 3 mins ago 
$ t Misc coffee 3 minutes ago
# ...same 
$ t Misc coffee 11:52am
# ...starts it at a specific time 
$ t stop 12:30pm
# ...also works for `stop` 

Everything is stored in a human-editable format into ~/.timelogs (use --file to change the location). You're encouraged to add, edit, delete and rearrange entries using your favorite text editor.

$ cat ~/.timelogs
[2013-09-16 mon]
1:14pm = Misc write emails
2:42pm = Misc balance checkbook
3:00pm = -
[2013-09-18 wed]
3:14pm = Jsconf email speakers
3:59pm = - coffee break -
4:09pm = Jsconf check ticket sales
4:25pm = Errands grocery

You can use t edit to open in in your default text editor ($EDITOR).

View entries from any date by using t <date>. It supports natural language parsing:

$ t yesterday
$ t aug 2
$ t last friday

Query a date range by using t <date> - <date>:

$ t last monday - last friday
$ t aug 2 - aug 10
$ t last month - now

Or all:

$ t all

Export your data by using the alternative reporters (--reporter). The json reporter exports your data as a Json object:

$ t all --reporter json
  entries: [
      type: "task",
      date: "2013-09-18T05:32:47.333Z",
      endDate: "2013-09-18T05:32:47.333Z",
      duration: 60000,
      project: "Jsconf",
      task: "Email speakers"
    }, ...
  Usage: timetip [options]
    -h, --help          output usage information
    -V, --version       output the version number
    -f, --file <path>   the data file [~/.timelogs]
    -R, --reporter <r>  use reporter (default|json)
    --no-color          disable colors
    timetip <task>                 start working (alias: start)
    timetip - [<reason>]           stop working (alias: stop)
    timetip <date>                 show entries for the date (alias: show)
    timetip                        show today (alias: show today)
  Logging tasks:
    timetip start <task>           start working
    timetip stop [<reason>]        stop working
  Other commands:
    timetip show <date>            show entries for the date
    timetip show <date> - <end>    show entries for date range
    timetip edit                   open in text editor
    timetip myproject stuff        start working on "myproject stuff"
    timetip meeting 3m ago         start working on "meeting" 3 minutes ago
    timetip stop                   stop the current task
    timetip stop lunch break       stop the current task and log the reason
    timetip sep 2                  show entries from a day
    timetip 4 days ago             show entries from 4 days ago
    timetip yesterday              show entries from yesterday

Want to easily parse time logs? Use it as a Node.js module. See the source for more details.

var TimeLog = require('timetip').TimeLog;
var log = new TimeLog('~/.timelogs');
var day = log.get('2013-09-02');
var day = log.get(new Date(2013, 8, 2));

© 2013, Rico Sta. Cruz. Released under the MIT License.