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Parse time-like phrases into a javascript Date.

Inspired by the unix program [at] 1 which includes a 'timespec' for parsing time-like phrases into dates. This extends the original scope to include the past and various other changes. It's similar, but not exactly the same.


timespec = require('timespec');
var is_now = timespec.parse('now');
var is_now_last_week = timespec.parse('last week');
var is_noon_today = timespec.parse('noon');
var is_noon_yesterday = timespec.parse('noon yesterday');
var is_12_weeks_ago = timespec.parse('last 12 weeks');
var is_12_weeks_from_now = timespec.parse('next 12 weeks');
var is_2_hour_from_now = timespec.parse('now - 2 hours');