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Simple timeout handling:

timeout.timeout(100, function () { alert('Fired!'); });

Named timeouts are also supported:

timeout.timeout('myTimeout', 100, function () { alert('Fired!'); });

This allows you to trigger the timeout early:

timeout.timeout('myTimeout', true);

Or remove/replace it before it fires:

timeout.timeout('myTimeout', newDelay, newFn);
timeout.timeout('myTimeout', null);

To create a loop, just return true from the timeout function:

var counter = 0;
timeout.timeout('myTimeout', 100, function () {
    alert('Counter: ' + ++counter);
    return true;

Usage with Ender

After you install Ender, include timeout in your package:

ender add timeout

This will namespace the package under the $ variable:


With a selector library like qwery, you can also set timeouts on dom nodes:

$('input').timeout(300, function () {