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    Time Frame JavaSacript

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    Date format in i.e just now, 1 minute ago, in 3 years, hace 8 meses (local) etc. fast, 1kb size, no dependency.

    More Examples:

    • 1 minute ago
    • 2 months ago
    • in 3 months
    • just now
    • 4 years ago

    🚀 Demo


    Option A. NPM install

    npm install timeframejs --save

    Option B. Use CDN

    You can load timeframe directly from jsDelivr CDN.

    For example, place this in your HTML:

    <script src=""></script>

    Option C. Copy code from file

    Copy the timeframe.js file containing only few lines of code to your project, and load it.

    <script src="timeframejs.js"></script>

    👷 Use

    import TimeFrame from 'timeframejs';
    const date = new TimeFrame('2020-05-17T03:24:00');
    //const date = new TimeFrame(1589682240); unix
    // date.language('es');  spanish
    date.language('en');  // english
    console.log( date.moment() );
    //  in 4 months
    console.log( date.unix() );
    //  1589682240

    new timeFrame()  accepts all argument that a regular Date method can, including unix time digit.

    if you do not specify a startingDate, timeFrame automatically uses the current time for comparison.

    ⎔ Other functionality

    const date = new TimeFrame('2020-05-17T23:24:00');
      console.log( );
      // returns the current milliseconds rather that the argument passed into TimeFrame
      //  1611501800638
      console.log( date.unix() );
      // 1589754240
      // returns unix time interger of passed argument since january 1st 1970
      console.log( date.milliseconds() );
      // 0
      // returns milliseconds of passed argument
     console.log( date.seconds() );
     // 0
     // returns seconds in passed argument
     console.log( date.minutes() );
     // 24
     //returns minutes in passed argument
     console.log ( date.hours().long(), date.hours().short() );
     // 23, 11
     //returns hours in passed argument
      console.log ( date.ampm() );
     // pm
     //returns am or pm in passed argument
     console.log( );
     // 17
     //return the day in passed argument
     console.log( date.month() );
     // May
      //return the month in the passed argument
     console.log( date.year() );
     // 2020
      //return the year in passed argument

    话 Locales

    You can also format date and time in your local language without the use of a library.

    If no argument is matched, the "default language" is used, and the default language is "en".

    const date = new TimeFrame('2020-05-17T03:24:00');
    date.language('en'); // English
    date.language('ru'); // Russian
    date.language('de');  // German
    date.language('th');  // Thai
    date.language('es');  // Spanish
      // hace 8 meses
      // search for your language short code and pass it in. The last language code passed will be used.


    When future date are provided, moment()  return results like:

    const date = new TimeFrame('2021-05-17T03:24:00');
      console.log( date.moment() );
      //  in 3 months




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