Nonconformist Propaganda Machine

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    More details to see 🏘️ TimeCat Homepage

    Which dist file to use?

    From CDN or without a Bundler


      • For direct use via <script src="..."> in the browser. Exposes the TimeCat global.
      • Note that global builds are not UMD builds. They are built as IIFEs and is only meant for direct use via <script src="...">.
      • Contains hard-coded prod/dev branches, and the prod build is pre-minified. Use the *.prod.js files for production.
    • timecat.esm(.prod).js:

      • For usage via native ES modules imports (in browser via <script type="module">.
      • Shares the same runtime compilation, dependency inlining and hard-coded prod/dev behavior with the global build.

    With a Bundler

    • timecat.esm.js:

      • For use with bundlers like webpack, rollup and parcel.
      • Leaves prod/dev branches with process.env.NODE_ENV guards (must be replaced by bundler)
      • Does not ship minified builds (to be done together with the rest of the code after bundling)

    For Server-Side Rendering

    • timecat.cjs(.prod).js:
      • For use in Node.js server-side rendering via require().
      • If you bundle your app with webpack with target: 'node' this is the build that will be loaded.
      • The dev/prod files are pre-built, but the appropriate file is automatically required based on process.env.NODE_ENV.


    npm i timecatjs

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