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LokiJS is a document oriented database written in javascript, published under MIT License. Its purpose is to store javascript objects as documents in a nosql fashion and retrieve them with a similar mechanism.

LokiJS supports indexing and views and achieves high-performance through maintaining unique and binary indexes (indices) for data.

Main Features

  1. Fast performance NoSQL in-memory database, collections with unique index (1.1M ops/s) and binary-index (500k ops/s)
  2. Runs in multiple environments (browser, node, titanium)
  3. Dynamic Views for fast access of data subsets
  4. Built-in persistence adapters, and the ability to support user-defined ones
  5. Changes API
  6. Joins


Using NPM:

npm install ti-loki --save

Using gitTio:

gittio install ti-loki

Or download the latest zip file and place it in the root of your project. Add the module in the tiapp.xml:

<module platform="commonjs">ti-loki</module>



var Loki = require('ti-loki');

Creating a database:

var db = new Loki('example.db');

Add a collection:

var users = db.addCollection('users');

Insert documents:

    name: 'Odin',
    age: 50,
    address: 'Asgard'
// alternatively, insert array of documents 
users.insert([{ name: 'Thor', age: 35}, { name: 'Loki', age: 30}]);

Simple find query:

var results = users.find({ age: {'$gte': 35} });
var odin = users.findOne({ name:'Odin' });

Simple where query:

var results = users.where(function(obj) {
    return (obj.age >= 35);

Simple Chaining:

var results = users.chain().find({ age: {'$gte': 35} }).simplesort('name').data();

Simple named transform:

users.addTransform('progeny', [
    type: 'find',
    value: {
      'age': {'$lte': 40}
var results = users.chain('progeny').data();

Simple Dynamic View:

var pview = users.addDynamicView('progeny');
    'age': {'$lte': 40}
var results =;

To complete documentation, please visit Loki and documentation.