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Access localStorage from the server and vice versa!


Keeps your localStorage in sync with the server and allows for access and manupilation of localStorage directly from the server!

Thunderstore also exposes a convenient session property (shorthand for .get('session') and .set('session')) so you could store session data in localStorage because cookies are bad for you!

server.js (with shoe)

var sock = shoe(function(stream) {
 var thunderstore = new ThunderStore(stream); 
   thunderstore.set('boop', 'beep');
     thunderstore.session = {user: 'cat!'};
     thunderstore.on('set', function(args){
        console.log('set from remote!', args);
sock.install(server, '/sock');

client.js (with shoe)

var stream = shoe('/sock');
var thunderstore = new ThunderStore(stream);
thunderstore.set('beep', 'boop')
thunderstore.session = {user: 'dog'};
thunderstore.on('set', function(args){
    console.log('set from remote!', args)

Set value of key on both the server and browser; emits a "set" event on the other end.

Retrieves value of key

Emitted when a key has been modified due to a remote set

  • K/V store persistence