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Repeatedly executes a given task at a given maximum rate (in milliseconds) until a given condition is true.

Optionally, accepts reducer and initialValue to reduce results of each iteration.

Allows for variable rates (based on the most recent iteration).


const throttleRepeat = require('throttle-repeat');
return throttleRepeat({
  task: (index) => {
    console.log(`An async action running every second: ${index}`);
    return Promise.resolve(index);
  rate: () => 1000,
  until: (count, iterationResult) => (count === 5 || iterationResult > 10)
.then(result => console.log(result));
// returns 5


throttleRepeat(params) -> Promise<Any>

Required parameters

  • task: function(index) -> Promise<Any>

An action to perform on each iteration. Must be yield-able. Iteration index is passed to the task function.

  • rate: function(iterationResult) -> Number (milliseconds)

The number of milliseconds between the start of the completed iteration and the start of the next iteration. After each iteration, the module invokes the rate function with iterationResult of the completed iteration and computes the waiting time before starting the next iteration according to the formula: <time before next iteration> = <result of rate(...)> - <execution time of the completed iteration>. If completed iteration took more than the rate milliseconds, the next iteration is started immediately upon completion of the iteration.

Example 1. Fixed wait time. Just provide a constant value: rate: () => 2000. This means each task will be called every two seconds. If a task takes more than two seconds, the next iteration follows as soon as the most recent task yields, even if it is more than two seconds.

Example 2. Variable wait time. A variable-load task could be instructed to return the actual request count, and rate could be defined as something like: rate: (actualRequestCount) => 1000 * actualRequestCount / 20. If 20 requests are sent, it waits for one second. If 10 requests are sent, the wait time is proportionally reduced to half a second. This is useful for tasks like polling a queue (with unknown number of messages) or a database (with unknown number of items) when throttling is important, but waiting for a constant amount of time is sub-optimal.

  • until: function(count, iterationResult) -> Boolean

Exit condition. task is called until the condition evaluates as true. The condition is first evaluated after the end of the first call. count is the number of task executions so far, iterationResult is the result of the completed iteration.

Optional parameters

  • reducer: function(accumulator, iterationResult) -> Any
  • initialValue: Any

Applies the reducer function against an accumulator and each iterationResult to reduce it to a single value. initialValue is the initial value of accumulator. reducer defaults to a simple increment, while initialValue defaults to 0.


  1. By default, returns the number of times task was called.

  2. If reducer and initialValue are specified, returns the most recent value of accumulator.

More examples


const throttleRepeat = require('throttle-repeat');
return throttleRepeat({
  task: (index) => {
    console.log('An async action running every second, five times');
    return Promise.resolve(index);
  rate: () => 1000,
  until: (count) => (count === 5),
  reducer: (acc, iterationResult) => `${acc},${iterationResult + 1}`,
  initialValue: '0'
.then(result => console.log(result));
// returns "0,1,2,3,4,5"

Advanced (polling a queue)

const throttleRepeat = require('throttle-repeat');
return throttleRepeat({
  task: pollMessages.bind(null, QUEUE_URL),           // our poller
  rate: iterationResult => 1000 * ( / 20), // 20 msg/s
  until: (count, iterationResult) => <= 10, // until queue is almost empty
  reducer: (accumulator, iterationResult) => {
    accumulator.totalProcessed +=;
    accumulator.totalSucceeded += iterationResult.succeeded;
    return accumulator;
  initialValue: {
    totalProcessed: 0,
    totalSucceeded: 0
.then(result => console.log(result));
// returns {
//   totalProcessed: 123
//   totalSucceeded: 120
// }

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