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Three OBJ

A node module to convert OBJ files to Three.js JSON format


Using npm:

npm install three-obj


Include to a script as a dependency

var threeOBJ = require("three-obj")( options );

where options can be an bject to override the defaults

then load any OBJ file to convert it to a JSON object

threeOBJ.load("obj/palm.obj", function( response ){
    console.log("DATA:", response );

Note that the MTL file is currently expected to be is the same folder.

View the examples folder for more specific use cases


These are the main methods to interact with the lib

load( file, callback )

Loads an OBJ file and creates a JavaScript object

convert( source, destination, callback )

One liner to load & output to ascii JSON

minify( source, destination, callback)

Same as convert but saves to binary format

set( options)

Update the options used during the processing (like scale, shading, align).

Internal methods

In addition there are some methods used internally that you might want to use at certain cases:

parse( obj )

Accepts a raw OBJ file and returns it as a JavaScript object

compress( json , callback)

Get the JSON input and convert it to binary format

output( json, callback )

Simply saves the data to a JSON file.


Created by Makis Tracend ( @tracend )

Based on: OBJLoader, MTLLoader, convert_obj_three

Distributed through

Released under the MIT license