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The Gamma: Tools for open data-driven storytelling

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The Gamma is a simple JavaScript library that lets anyone create transparent and open data visualizations that are linked to the original data source and encourage the reader to further explore data and find interesting facts on their own.

The Gamma implements a scripting language with spreadsheet-inspired tooling that runs in the browser and lets users perform simple data aggregation and exploration. The package lets you run The Gamma scripts and provides a rich web-based editor that you can embed on your site.

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The core of The Gamma project is a simple scripting langauge that makes it easy to write code to perform data aggregation and data exploration. For example, if you want to find the top 8 athletes by the number of gold medals from Rio 2016, you can write:

  .'filter data'.'Games is'.'Rio (2016)'.then
  .'group data'.'by Athlete'.'sum Gold'.then
  .'sort data'.'by Gold descending'.then
  .'get the data'

Rich tooling is available when writing code using The Gamma web-based editor and so you get auto-completion for available operations when typing ., you can see a live preview of the transformed data and you can even modify the code using a simple user interface.


The full project documentation is available on web site:

Credits and license

The Gamma is built at The Alan Turing Institute and has been supported through the Google Digitial News Initiative. It is available as open-source using the permissive MIT license. This means that you are welcome to contribute, modify the project as you wish and use it commercially without restrictions.

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