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The Amazing Quran | Images

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This node module allows you to easily retrieve png of an ayah of the Quran

No database is required, you just need to have node installed !

How to use ?


$> npm install the-amazing-quran-images

Get Ayah Path

This function allows you to retrieve the path of the png file

getAyahPath(surahNumber, ayahNumber)
Return value

This function return a string of the path of the ayah wanted

var quranImgManager = require('the-amazing-quran-images')();
// Get png of first ayah of surah al baqarah
quranImageManager.getAyahPath(2, 1);

Get Ayah Base 64

This function allows you to retrieve a base64 string of an ayah from the Quran

getAyahBase64(surahNumber, ayahNumber)
Return value

This function return a string containing the base64 value of the ayah in png

var quranImgManager = require('the-amazing-quran-images')();
// Get png of first ayah of surah al baqarah
quranImageManager.getAyahBase64(2, 1);


Each ayah image are in the images directory. Each ayah in png come from

Next features

Here is a none exhaustive list of features that can be implemented

  • error handling
  • send back the image as a http file
  • get all ayah from surah

Source code

The source code is in the src directory.

Since the module is develop in ES6, a simple gulp task using Babel.js convert it in ES5.


This module is open source. You can use, share, copy, modify and distribute this app as you want as long as you don't have a bad purpose


If you find any issues on this project, please report on the issue section of github or send an email to