node package manager


That Dev Thing

Installing the Project

Install NodeJS

Install the following packages into your global context

sudo npm install -g typescript
sudo npm install -g typings
sudo npm install -g typedoc
sudo npm install -g gulp
sudo npm install -g mocha
sudo npm install -g istanbul

Install external NPM packages:-

npm install

Build the application:-

gulp build

Using the Project

The project contains a library of Typescript Classes to assist in the fast creation of Code Libraries, Web Apps and Web APIs

Full documentation can be found inside the project's Wiki

Publishing to NPM

This project is published within the NPM.js online package library. To publish changes simply run:-

gulp publish

Webstorm IDE

This project contains a number of useful WebStorm IDE settings for fast and easy access to numerous build processes. Therefore it is highly recommended that this IDE is downloaded and used.


All source code within this project is the sole property of That Dev Company Limited and any use or redistribution made without the written consent of the company is considered and infringement of its Intellectual Property.