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Command-line torrent downloader and HTTP streaming server

npm install -g tget

Based on the fantastic torrent-stream and peerflix, by mafintosh


tget <path|url|magnet> [options]


tget "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:757fc565c56462b28b4f..." -s 9000


Option Long name Description Default
-c NUM connections Maximum connections 100
-d NUM dht Number of DHT peers to find 10000
-e ephemeral Ephemeral mode
-i idle Stay idle and don't quit when done
-l PORT listen Listen for incoming connections
-p PEER peer Explicit peer (in the form addr:ip)
-q quiet Quiet mode
-s [PORT] stream Enable live streaming on given port 8888
-t notracker Disable trackers
-u NUM uploads Maximum upload slots 10
-w wait Wait for stream before downloading

Video streaming

When downloading a video torrent, tget can stream it to your favorite media player as soon as its pieces are received.

Passing the -s option (with an optional port number) enables the streaming feature.

Then, simply open<port>/<file_id> in your media player.

The default streaming port is 8888.

If you don't specify the target file, tget will search for media files inside the torrent. If more than one media file is available, tget will provide a m3u playlist listing all media files found. Else, the default file will be the biggest file from the torrent.

While stream data has higher priority than non-stream data (such as .nfo or preview files), tget still download the entire torrent data when bandwidth allows it. When the -w option is given, tget will wait an incoming stream connection before dowloading any data from the torrent.

When the -w option is given, -e and -i are implicitely enabled. This turns tget into a streaming-only downloader and no data will be kept upon exit.

Local streaming

The stream engine from tget can also be used for streaming local files.

When the -S option is given, tget will not attempt to download a torrent but will instead use the given path as the stream data source. This can be a single file as well as a directory.

tget ./local.mp4 -S

If the -S option is given, no other option will be used. -i is implicitely enabled.