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teys-rest is a wrapper around restify to quickly create REST API servers. Use Typescript and annotations you can create your controllers and expose only the methods you want. It helps you focus on your business code so you don't have to spend more time on setting up your server. teys-rest as two approach of quick api server:

  1. the classic api-server
  2. the single page application server aka spa-sever

Classic API Rest Server

The classic approach will allow you to create simple server like this:

import {ApiServer} from "teys-rest";
import {MyController1, MyController2} from "./controllers"

let api = new ApiServer();
    .then(() => api.registerControllers(MyController1, MyController2))
    .then(() => console.log('server started'))

By default the server will run on port 3000 but it can be override by passing a ApiServerOptions object By default all controllers will be registered under /api/v1/{controller}. All controllers must extends the RestController class in order to be properly register. Each controller will have some properties injected via the teys-injector such as :

  • logger
  • logOptions
  • apiPrefix
  • restify server

Single Page Application Server

This approach is for people who wants to push a SPA with the Rest API code. It's build on top of the api-server approach

import path from "path"
import {SpaServer} from "teys-rest";
import {MyController1, MyController2} from "./controllers"

let spa = new SpaServer({
    public: path.join(__dirname, "public")
spa.startWithControllers(MyController1, MyController2)
    .then(() => console.log('server started'))


You can now specify the list of extensions of files that you want to expose

let spa = new SpaServer({
    public: path.join(__dirname, "public"),
    extensionsAllowed: ["png", "jpeg", "html", "js"]

If a list is provided via the property extensionsAllowed it will override the default list of extensions. So only those declared inside the array will be available.
The default value is : ["css", "html", "js", "png", "svg", "ico", "jpeg", "jpg", "woff", "woff2", "ttf"]

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