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Converts textile documents to HTML.


$ npm install textilejs


textile = require('textilejs'); // for node, others require the file. 
textile(source, { /* options */ });


  • wrapBlocks boolean
    • true default wraps basic blocks in paragraph tags.
    • false disables wrapping blocks in paragraph tags.
  • highlight function function (code) { return yourHighlighter(code); }
    • Allows highlighting of code if you wish using your own custom highlighting script.
    • default no highlighting.


Prior names include: textiled by Yulian Kuncheff, jstextile by Christian Perfect. Both of these versions include bugs, bad coding habits and slight issues, not to knock them as without them this wouldn't exist.

With nothing in my pockets, I developed this version while sitting at Mashape offices, and some at a small quaint cafe named South Beach Cafe; Fueled by expresso and motivated by a nice little band accidentally stumbled upon through spotify called Delta Spirit