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Text Match

Match words, numbers and dates in text documents.


const text_match = require('text-match');
const match = text_match.matcher({
  name: 'Customer: ${WORD}',
  date: 'Invoice date: ${DATE}',
  amount: 'Total: ${NUMBER}'
const v = match(text);
if (v) {
  console.log(`Name: ${}`);
  console.log(`Date: ${}`);
  console.log(`Amount: ${v.amount}`);
} else {
  console.log('No match');


  • matcher(map[, config]): Creates a matcher for the given map of expressions. All entries in the map have to match. Returns a function that receives (text). The returned function will return the matched values or null. The optional config is passed to the expressions and may have these common properties:
    • expressions: A map of custom expressions.
  • expression(regex[, fn]): Creates a new custom expression from a regular expression. The first group in the regular expression is used to extract the value unless fn is given. If fn is given, it is invoked with (match, config) and is expected to return the extracted value. If null is returned, the expression does not match. These default aliases are supported:
    • WORD: Returns a string
    • WORDS: Returns a string
    • NUMBER: Returns a string
    • PERCENT: Returns a string
    • DATE: = Returns a moment.js date object