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This is the fork of the xUnit and junit) reporter plugin for TestCafe.

TestCafe reporter plugin that is specifically designed to be compatible for uploading test results on BMW's own ATC Jira platform. This reporter plugin for TestCafe outputs a junit xml report that is compatible with continuous integration servers like Jenkins. The main difference between this plugin and the default xunit plugin is that in this plugin, the testcase name attribute will only contain the testcase name and any additional information such as screenshots and (unstable) flags are output to <system-out/> tag. This allows for better reporting and analysis or repeated test runs.

This reporter is also modified from the junit version as it helps us report to jira by locally creating a report file for each test rather than creating one report.xml file that contains all tests, It also creates a script that contains a curl command from the xray api for us to run and report the status of said tests. This is because our jira contains many different test plans that contain multiple tests, and to run them independent from each other we needed to create this module.


To install this reporter, you can use the following command:

npm install testcafe-reporter-atc


When you run tests from the command line, specify the reporter name by using the --reporter option:

testcafe chrome 'path/to/test/file.js' --reporter atc

When you use API, pass the reporter name to the reporter() method:

    .reporter('atc') // <-


When updating the reporter use npm linking feature:

  1. npm link (inside lib/index.js folder)
  2. npm link testcafe-reporter-atc (inside root folder)

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