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Upserts file into a GitHub repo

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How to use

To use this package, you will need a Personal Access Token (PAT) with read/write permissions for the repository you want to upload files in. Create one by going to: Settings > Developer Settings > Personal Access Tokens.

import { default as upsert, GitHubRepository } from 'github-upsert';

// You can grab your personal access token in: Settings > Developer Settings > Personal Access Tokens
const repo = <GitHubRepository>{
	name: 'your-github-repo',
	owner: 'your-github-username',
	pat: 'your-github-pat'

const data = new TextEncoder().encode('Hello world!');
const path = 'README.md';

// Upload it
const result = await upsert(repo, data, path);

// Hoooraaaay! It should print the SHA checksum of your file!


  • Uploads/updates a file in a GitHub repository
  • Uses native fetch lib for HTTP requests

Missing features

  • Support for web/lib fetch


  • npm run build to transpile and bundle files in .cjs, .js, .d.ts and respective source-maps

  • npm run start to run the example project with swc compilation

  • npm run test to run the unit tests

  • npm run lint to analyze and lint the project

  • npm run format to format the project based on lint feedback

  • npm run docs to generate docs site

  • npm run docs:publish to generate docs site and publish it to GitHub Pages

  • npm run release to create the temporary changesets file

  • npm run publish to publish the package to NPM


This repository is configured with client-side Git hooks that automatically format + lint the codebase before each push. You can install it by running the following command:


Automatically Publishing to NPM

To automatically publish the package to NPM, you will need to grab a token of the publisher account for CI usage, and set it as a repository secret in GitHub under the NPM_TOKEN identifier.

Bugs and Contributions

Found any bug (including typos) in the package? Do you have any suggestion or feature to include for future releases? Please create an issue via GitHub in order to track each contribution. Also, pull requests are very welcome!

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