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Test jail

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Run C++ and Python programs against input files in a Docker container and save the output to files or compare against valid output.

Read the latest API documentation here

This package was previously called Awesome test runner.
Versions up to v.1.7.x can be installed from

Requires Docker to be installed on your system

API Features

  • Simple, promise based API
  • Buffer support
  • Runs code in a Docker container, preventing local file and process access
  • Uses Docker API (via dockerode)
  • Integrated test queue
  • Tested using Mocha
  • Can run C++ or Python programs (feel free to create an issue requesting a new language)
  • Written fully in TypeScript
  • Documented using JSDoc and TypeDoc

CLI Features

  • Run tests on a program and save output files
  • Test a program using input/output files
  • Print diff (jsdiff or line by line comparison)
  • Single and multiple input modes

CLI Example usage

Install globally using:

npm i test-jail -g

Usage help is available after installation:

test-jail --help

To test if the Docker daemon is running and accessible run:

test-jail ping

The program can then run in two modes:


This mode compiles and runs a program, then passess the specified input files to its standard input. If there was no error, standard output is saved on your file system. Example usage:

test-jail run -i input -o output

Input and output can either be a single file or a directory. All the paths are relative to your current working directory. The input files should have an .in extension. The output files will have the same name, but with an .out extension.


The test mode works similar to the run mode, but instead of saving the standard output to files, it's compared to the files that already exist (they can be generated using the run command on diffirent code, or just written manually), and the difference is shown.

test-jail test -i input -o output

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