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A plugin for generating JQuery.js API docs on-the-fly and associating them with the corresponding objects in the tern JavaScript code analysis engine.

It's currently only useful when you are using tern to edit or analyze the jQuery source.

Why? jQuery documentation exists in XML files in the external repository, not in docstrings embedded in the code. This plugin lets tern parse the XML documentation and associate it with the corresponding module, function, or variable. Without this plugin, if you use tern to edit or analyze the jQuery source, most things will not have associated documentation.

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git clone git://

Install dependencies

Run npm install to fetch the dependencies. You must also have `xsltproc' installed (see the README for more instructions).

Configure for use with tern

The plugin has the following configuration options (to be specified in your .tern-project file):

  • apiDocDir: the directory containing the git repository.
  • apiSrcDir: the path to the src/ directory in the jQuery git repository.
  • xslFile: the path to the XSL stylesheet used to perform the XSLT transformation of the XML documentation. Typically this points to the (entries2html.xsl)[] file in the git repository.
  • xsltproc: the path to the xsltproc program. If not specified, it looks in the current $PATH.
  • html: if true, attach the whole HTML documentation; if false or unspecified, only attach the short description.

The easiest way to satisfy these requirements is to clone the and repositories. If you cloned them to /home/alice/jquery and /home/alice/, then you would use the following configuration:

  "apiDocDir": "/home/alice/",
  "apiSrcDir": "/home/alice/jquery/src",
  "xslFile": "/home/alice/"

You must also load the requirejs plugin and the jquery-requirejs-extend defs file from the jquery branch of sqs/tern.

With tern's condenser

To use this plugin with tern's condenser, specify the configuration on the command line as the following example demonstrates.

$ cd testdata/jquery
$ ../../node_modules/tern/bin/condense --plugin ../../jquery-api-doc='{"apiDocDir":"../","apiSrcDir":"src","xslFile":"../"}' --plugin requirejs --def jquery-requirejs-extend src/core.js src/attributes/attr.js

The output is:

  "!name": "src/core.js",
  "!define": {
    "!requirejs": {
      "src/core": {
        "fn": {
          "constructor": {
            "!type": "fn(selector: ?, context: ?)",
            "!span": "73[4:10]-312[8:2]",
            "!doc": "Return a collection of matched elements either found in the DOM based on passed argument(s) or created by passing an HTML string. Accepts a string containing a CSS selector which is then used to match a set of elements.",
            "prototype": "!requirejs.src/core.fn",
            "fn": "!requirejs.src/core.fn",
            "extend": "?"
          "toArray": {
            "!type": "fn()",
            "!span": "554[22:10]-598[24:2]"
          "get": {
            "!type": "fn(num: ?) -> !this.<i>",
            "!span": "716[28:6]-901[36:2]",
            "!doc": "Get the Nth element in the matched element set OR Get the whole matched element set as a clean array"
          "pushStack": {
            "!type": "fn(elems: [?])",
            "!span": "1017[40:12]-1307[51:2]",
            "!doc": "Take an array of elements and push it onto the stack (returning the new matched element set)"
          "each": {
            "!type": "fn(callback: fn(), args: ?)",
            "!span": "1472[56:7]-1549[58:2]",
            "!doc": "Execute a callback for every element in the matched set."
          "map": {
            "!type": "fn(callback: ?)",
            "!span": "1558[60:6]-1696[64:2]"
          "slice": {
            "!type": "fn()",
            "!span": "1707[66:8]-1781[68:2]"
          "first": {
            "!type": "fn()",
            "!span": "1792[70:8]-1830[72:2]"
          "last": {
            "!type": "fn()",
            "!span": "1840[74:7]-1879[76:2]"
          "eq": {
            "!type": "fn(i: number)",
            "!span": "1887[78:5]-2028[82:2]"
          "end": {
            "!type": "fn() -> !this.prevObject",
            "!span": "2037[84:6]-2104[86:2]"
          "attr": {
            "!type": "fn(name: ?, value: ?)",
            "!span": "270[13:7]-371[15:2]"
          "removeAttr": {
            "!type": "fn(name: ?)",
            "!span": "387[17:13]-482[21:2]",
            "!doc": "Remove an attribute from each element in the set of matched elements."
          "!span": "346[10:31]-2247[93:1]",
          "extend": "?"
        "extend": {
          "!type": "fn(object: ?) -> !this",
          "!span": "2285[95:35]-3817[158:1]"
        "attr": {
          "!type": "fn(elem: ?, name: ?, value: ?) -> !2",
          "!span": "511[25:7]-1731[71:2]"
        "removeAttr": {
          "!type": "fn(elem: ?, value: ?)",
          "!span": "1747[73:13]-2220[91:2]"
        "attrHooks": {
          "type": {
            "set": {
              "!type": "fn(elem: ?, value: ?) -> !1",
              "!span": "2250[95:3]-2253[95:6]"
            "!span": "2239[94:2]-2243[94:6]"
          "!span": "2235[93:12]-2693[109:2]"
        "prototype": "!requirejs.src/core.fn"
    "!requirejs.src/core.fn.pushStack.!0": "[?]",
    "!requirejs.src/core.fn.each.!0": {
      "!type": "fn()",
      "!span": "425[18:19]-477[20:3]"

The docs for the jQuery constructor and for jQuery.fn.removeAttr came from external XML files in the testdata/ directory, which contains a sample subset of the real repository. The other docs were extracted from the inline docstrings in core.js.

Running tests

Run npm test.


Contributions are welcome! Submit a GitHub issue or pull request.