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interactive terminal lists


Renders an interactive list to the terminal that users can navigate using the arrow keys. Developers can bind to "keypress" events to support removal or opening of items etc.

$ npm install term-list

A fully interactive list demonstrating removal via backspace, and opening of the websites via the return key.

var List = require('term-list');
var exec = require('child_process').exec;
var list = new List({ marker: '\033[36m› \033[0m', markerLength: 2 });
list.add('', 'Google');
list.add('', 'Yahoo');
list.add('', 'Cloudup');
list.add('', 'Github');
list.on('keypress', function(key, item){
  switch ( {
    case 'return':
      exec('open ' + item);
      console.log('opening %s', item);
    case 'backspace':
list.on('empty', function(){

Initialize a new List with opts:

  • marker optional marker string defaulting to '› '
  • markerLength optional marker length, otherwise marker.length is used

Add item id with label.

Remove item id.

Return item at i.

Select item id.

Re-draw the list.

Select the previous item if any.

Select the next item if any.

Reset state and stop the list.

Start the list.