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a native node.js git client


"Time flies when you're using GIT"


A native Javascript client for interacting with GIT.

Based loosely off of libgit2 -- the goal is to provide an asynchronous interface to GIT versioned repositories.

At the moment, you can read Loose Refs (that are deflated) and Packed refs/indexes of version 2. It does OFS-deltas, but not REF-deltas.

It is hopefully going to be pretty slick.

var tempis = require('tempis'),
    Repo = tempis.repository.Repository;'/path/to/git/dir', [<is bare?>,] function(error, repository_object) {
    repo.lookup('<hash>', function(err, commitObject) {


    repo.head.lookup(function(err, commitObject) {



  • Node 0.3

  • NPM After cloning this repo, npm install . it.

  • Node Compress To get this to work, you will have to clone my fork of node-compress which moves to the newer Buffer API, as well as sets the window bits for deflate to work properly with git objects. After cloning it, cd into that directory and npm install ..

  • A sense of humor, hopefully Please don't get too grossed out by the ... relative lack of quality of the code. It will get better, I promise. This was largely a beat it with hammers until it works sort of ordeal, and there are, of course, kinks to be ironed out. I'd love to end up using node-seq for a big chunk of this stuff. It looks neat.

All files are licensed under the MIT License, unless explicitly licensed otherwise in the file itself (e.g., the vendor/jxgcompressor.js is LGPL.)