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Team Plans Widget

Team plans widget. Create new teams and add members to the teams.


var teamPlansWidget = require('../');
var teamPlansWidget = teamPlansWidget();
teamPlansWidget.on('newTeam', function (team) {
  console.log('New team created: ' + team);
teamPlansWidget.on('newTeamMember', function (member) {
  console.log('A new team member added: ' + member);

In this example when a user creates a new team, the widget emits newTeam event. We just log this to console. Same for adding new team members. When a new team member is added, the widget emits newTeamMember event.

Todo: deleting team members.


Return a new team plans widget instance.

Append the team widget to the dom element or query selector string target.


Team plans widget emits the newTeam event when you create a new team. The callback receives team parameter which is the name of the team.

Team plans widget emits the newTeamMember event when you add a member to the team. The callback receives member parameter which is the email of the team member.

Team plans widget listens for existingTeam events so you can initialize the widget for an existing team.

Team plans widget listens for existingTeamMember events so you can add existing team members to the widget's team members list.

Todo: deleting team members.


With npm do:

npm install team-plans-widget

Use browserify to require('team-plans-widget').