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Team Plans Widget

Team plans widget. Create new teams and add members to the teams.


var teamPlansWidget = require('../');
var teamPlansWidget = teamPlansWidget();
teamPlansWidget.on('newTeam', function (team) {
  console.log('New team created: ' + team);
teamPlansWidget.on('newTeamMember', function (member) {
  console.log('A new team member added: ' + member);

In this example when a user creates a new team, the widget emits newTeam event. We just log this to console. Same for adding new team members. When a new team member is added, the widget emits newTeamMember event.

Todo: deleting team members.


var teamPlansWidget = teamPlansWidget()

Return a new team plans widget instance.


Append the team widget to the dom element or query selector string target.


teamPlansWidget.on('newTeam', function (team) { })

Team plans widget emits the newTeam event when you create a new team. The callback receives team parameter which is the name of the team.

teamPlansWidget.on('newTeamMember', function (member) { })

Team plans widget emits the newTeamMember event when you add a member to the team. The callback receives member parameter which is the email of the team member.

teamPlansWidget.emit('existingTeam', team);

Team plans widget listens for existingTeam events so you can initialize the widget for an existing team.

teamPlansWidget.emit('existingTeamMember', member);

Team plans widget listens for existingTeamMember events so you can add existing team members to the widget's team members list.

Todo: deleting team members.


With npm do:

npm install team-plans-widget

Use browserify to require('team-plans-widget').