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TDDAssert is a simple assertion library that can be used in browsers and in Node.js. It began once I discovered that I couldn't use Chai for in both locations for my purposes. I needed an assertion library that would work back to Internet Explorer 7 and also one that could count assertions by default. TDDAssert feels this need in a minimalist way. I've started with the bare minimum functionality and will add more as it becomes necessary (or as requested).

This library is intended for use with Mocha but can be used with any JavaScript testing framework.


The assertions at this point are pretty basic. I'm happy to add more if there's a need, but I started with the ones I use the most.

// truthy values 
assert.ok(value, "optional message");
// auto fail"optional message");
// boolean values 
assert.isTrue(value, "optional message");
assert.isFalse(value, "optional message");
// equality 
assert.equal(actual, expected, "optional message");
assert.notEqual(actual, expected, "optional message");
assert.strictEqual(actual, expected, "optional message");
assert.notStrictEqual(actual, expected, "optional message");
// errors 
assert.throws(function() {
    // code 
}, "optional expected error message", "optional failure message");
assert.throws(function() {
    // code 
}, OptionalErrorType, "optional failure message");
assert.doesNotThrow(function() {
    // code 
// assertion counting 
assert.reset();         // reset count 
assert.asserted();      // fails if no assertions took place