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Simple command line interpreter (cli) for tc-wrapper library.


This module is installed via npm:

npm install -g tccli


  • 1.0.8: Removed network parameter and included srcNetwork & dstNetwork paramenters



  Usage: tccli <operation> <iface> [options]
    -h, --help                  output usage information
    -V, --version               output the version number
    -d --direction [direction]  Rule traffic direction. Allowed outgoing or incoming.
    --srcNetwork [network]   Network source mask
    --dstNetwork [network]   Network destination mask
    --srcPort [port]            Destination port.
    --dstPort [port]            Source port.
    -p --protocol [protocol]    Protocol of rules. Only supported IPv4 right now.
    --delay [time]              Delay including unit. Ex: 10ms
    --jitter [time]             Delay variation including unit. Ex: 10ms
    --loss [percentage]         Packet loss including unit. Ex: 5%
    --corrupt [percentage]      Packet corruption including unit. Ex: 1%
    --rate [bandwidth]          Bandwith limit including unit. Ex: 10Mbit

The cli has three major operations: del, get and set, for deleting, fetching and setting tc rules.

There is also an add command to make easier add more rules to existing ones, this command will running get and set under the hood as tc-wrapper lib dont support add.

Allowed targeting

Currently tc-wrapper only supports ip traffic, and can match by network, src and dst ports.

Allowed modificators

  • rate: Bandwith limitation, htb algorith will be used, tbf is not supported (yet).
  • delay: Round trip time of packets, will be added as additional time.
  • jitter: Delay variation normal-distributed.
  • loss: Packet loss, in percentage.
  • corrupt: Packet corruption, in percentage.

Clean all rules for eth0

tccli del eth0

Get all rules for eth0

tccli get eth0

Output will be a JSON output similar to this:

  "outgoing": {
    "dstNetwork=,protocol=ip": {
      "delay": "1.0ms",
      "jitter": "0.5%",
      "loss": "3%",
      "corrupt": "2%",
      "rate": "10Mbit"
  "incoming": {
    "srcNetwork=,protocol=ip": {
      "loss": "9%",
     "srcNetwork=,dstNetwork=,srcPort=80,protocol=ip": {
       "rate": "100Mbit",

Increase packet time by 20 ms

tccli set eth0 --delay 20ms

By default all rules will be aplied to outgoing packets, so last command is the same as:

tccli set eth0 --delay 20ms --direction outgoing

Limit incoming bandwith of eth0 to 20 Mbit

tccli set eth0 --rate 20Mbit --direction incoming

Limit output bandwith of eth0 to 100 Mbit and loss 20% of packets

tccli set eth0 --rate 100Mbit --loss 20%

set operation will overwrite any rule of eth0, if you want to keep other rules you have to use add command.

Apply several rules with add

tccli set eth0 --rate 100Mbit --loss 20%
tccli add eth0 --dstNetwork --corrupt 2%
tccli add eth0 --dstNetwork --srcPort 80 --corrupt 2% --direction incoming
tccli get eth0
  "outgoing": {
    "dstNetwork=,protocol=ip": {
      "loss": "20%",
      "rate": "100Mbit"
    "dstNetwork=,protocol=ip": {
      "corrupt": "2%",
      "rate": "32Gbit"
  "incoming": {
    "dstNetwork=,srcPort=80,dstPort=80,protocol=ip": {
      "corrupt": "2%",
      "rate": "32Gbit"

Enable debug of module

This module uses debug for debugging, you can enable debug messages of all modules with:


Keep in mind that tc-wrapper library also uses debug module, so you can enable both cli and lib debug messages using:


Run tests

npm test

License (MIT)

In case you never heard about the MIT license.

See the LICENSE file for details.

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