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    TayberryJS 0.4.2

    © Reupen Shah 2015 – 2016

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    TayberryJS is an HTML5 canvas-based JavaScript charting library. Currently featuring bar and line charts, with more features coming soon.


    Click here for some demos and examples.

    What's good about it?

    Built on HTML5 canvas

    That means a couple of DOM elements, not the 10s or even 100s you would face with SVG.


    Zero external dependencies. No jQuery, no D3.

    Easy-to-use and customisable

    Creating a chart is as simple as:

    <div id="chart-id" style="width: 600px; height: 350px"></div>
    Tayberry.create('chart-id', {
        xAxis: [{
            categories: ['1', '2', '3', '4', '5+']
        series: [{
            data: [.306, .341, .156, .129, .069],
            name: '2011'

    Supported browsers

    TayberryJS only supports modern browsers. As of 0.2.2, it has been tested on:

    • Firefox 30+
    • Chrome for Windows 45+
    • Chrome for Android 45+
    • Internet Explorer 10+
    • Edge
    • Safari for OS X 7.1.6+


    Create a container div in your page, with a set width and height, and load tayberry.min.js. Call Tayberry.create just like the example above. That's with the id of your div as the first argument, and an object specifying chart options as the second.

    Available attributes on the option object are (full details still to be completed):

    Field Allowed values Description
    allAxes.font.* - Overrides font.* values for axis labels
    allAxes.title.font.* - Overrides font.* values for axis titles
    animations.enabled boolean Enable animations
    backgroundColour HTML colour code
    barPlot.mode normal|stacked|overlaid
    barPlot.barPadding logical pixels Padding between bars in the same category
    barPlot.categorySpacing percentage in [0, 1) Spacing between categories
    elementLargePadding logical pixels
    elementSmallPadding logical pixels
    font.colour HTML colour code Font colour
    font.face string Font name
    font.size logical pixels Font size string bold, italic etc.
    font.autoScale boolean Auto-scale font with chart width
    labels.enabled boolean Show data labels in the plot area
    labels.font.* - Overrides font.* values for data labels
    labels.verticalAlignment top|middle|bottom Where in each bar labels should appear
    labels.verticalPosition outside|inside|middle
    legend.enabled boolean
    legend.font.* - Overrides font.* values for the legend
    legend.indicatorSize logical pixels Width/height of the coloured box of each legend item
    legend.placement left|top|right|bottom Legend placement/position
    linePlot.lineWidth logical pixels
    linePlot.highlightedLineWidth logical pixels
    linePlot.showMarkers true, false, auto
    linePlot.noMarkersThreshold number
    linePlot.markerSize logical pixels
    linePlot.highlightedMarkerSize logical pixels
    plotType string Default plot type for series; currently can be line or bar
    presets array of strings Use this to override some of the default settings using a preset. Currently two presets: histogram and darkGrid
    series[n].colour HTML colour code
    series[n].data array
    series[n].markerType square | diamond | triangle | triangle-down | circle
    series[n].name string
    series[n].plotType string Plot type for this series; currently can be line or bar
    series[n].xAxisIndex number
    series[n].yAxisIndex number
    swapAxes boolean Swap the displayed positions of the x- and y-axes; set to true for a horizontal bar chart
    title.font.* - Overrides font.* values for the chart title
    title.text string Title for the chart
    tooltips.font.* - Overrides font.* values for tooltips
    tooltips.footerTemplate string HTML template string used for tooltip footer.
    tooltips.headerTemplate string HTML template string used for tooltip header. Use {category} to sub in the category name
    tooltips.shared boolean Set to true to share tooltips between all series
    tooltips.valueTemplate string HTML template string used for each series in a tooltip. Fields available: {name}, {value} and {colour}
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].categories array (categorial/categorical axes only)
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].currencySymbol string (linear axes only)
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].font.* - Overrides allAxes.font.* values for the axis labels
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].labelPosition left|middle|right
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].gridLines.colour HTML colour code
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].labelFormat number|percentage|currency (linear axes only)
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].labelFormatter function
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].labelPrefix string (linear axes only)
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].labelSuffix string (linear axes only)
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].min number Use this to override the automatic axis minimum value calculation (linear axes only)
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].max number Use this to override the automatic axis maximum value calculation (linear axes only)
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].placement start|end
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].tickStep logical pixels Hint used for the distance between ticks (linear axes only)
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].tickStepValue axis units Distance between ticks in axis units; overrides tickStep (linear axes only)
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].title.text string
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].title.font.* - Overrides allAxes.font.* values for the axis title
    [xAxis|yAxis][n].type linear|categorial/categorical

    See the demos for some examples.


    TayberryJS is released under the Lesser GNU Public Licence. If this poses a problem for you, feel free to open an issue.


    Head over to the releases page for the current version.

    TayberryJS is at an early alpha stage. There will be some bugs, but please do open issues to provide feedback.


    Some upcoming planned features are:

    • dynamic chart updates
    • date/time axes


    npm i tayberry

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