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tnotify is a utility to send notifications and pipe command outputs to different third-party services.

The goal of this project is mainly to have a useful command line tool to easily notify when a task is done or something happened through different services, and also to play with different APIs out there.

It is oriented mainly to be used from the command line, but it could also be required and used within a Node project directly.


npm install -g task-notify
which tnotify # /usr/local/bin/tnotify


The currently supported services and options they require are:

Name Description Options
desktop Open a system notification in your desktop. Calls directly node-notifier. None
pushbullet Push notes through your Pushbullet account directly to your browser or phone. access_token
smtp A SMTP client. host, port, secure (boolean), username, password, from, to
stdout For testing, outputs the content to stdout. None
twilio Twilio SMS API. account_sid, auth_token, service_sid, from, to

Each service's options can be provided directly through the command line:

$ tnotify msg -s pushbullet --pushbullet-access-token=TOKEN 'Hey there!'

or configured beforehand:

$ tnotify config -s pushbullet
Current values of an option are shown between brackets. Leave empty to maintain the current value.
Configuring 'pushbullet' service:
Access Token []: qwerty123456
Saved into '/Users/dgo/.tnotify/config.json'
# and from now on...
$ tnotify msg -s pushbullet 'Hey there!'

tnotify has 4 different actions:

# list existing services
$ tnotify list
# configure services
$ tnotify config -s desktop,pushbullet,smtp
# run a command and send its output through the selected services:
$ tnotify run -s desktop,pushbullet,smtp -- ls -alh
# send a message directly
$ tnotify msg -s desktop,pushbullet,smtp --title='Test Notification' 'Hey there!'
# 'msg' action is assumed. the command's piped output is used as the message to send
$ echo 'Hey there!' | tnotify -s desktop,pushbullet,smtp


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