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    POST/GET/<HTTP METHOD> a resource through an iframe. So, why would need an iframe? There are cases where you cannot use cross domain XHR because of the browser support that is missing etc. or maybe you just want to upload a file without triggering a full-page refresh. This module makes that all possible.


    The module is released through npm and tries to follow semver as closely as possible. You can install the latest version of this module using:

    npm install --save target


    In all examples we assume that the following code has been loaded.

    var target = require('target');

    The target variable now contains a function. The returned function can be called with 3 arguments, the options argument is optional and can be omitted:

    target('', function send(err) {
      // Error first completion callback.

    As you can see in the example above, the first argument is the URL that should receive the send data. And the last argument should always be a callback. It follows an error first callback pattern as you might be used to in node.js. The second argument is an optional object, this object allows you to fully configure the module:

    • body: String of data that should be posted to the server.
    • dom: Document element we append to and create elements from.
    • param: The name of the param where we send the data with.
    • method: The HTTP method of the request.
    • class: CSS class name which will be applied to the created form element.
    • uuid: Unique id, will be used as submit target and id of the created iframe.

    So to POST data to the server:

    target('http://localhost:8080/incoming', {
      method: 'POST',
      body: 'Hello mom'
    }, function send(err) {




    npm i target

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