Supplies a single mixin to enable seamless function and method interop - see hughfdjackson.com/javascript/2012/11/30/tapping-into-the-method-chain/


A mixin for seamless function and method interop - letting your stand-alone functions tap into the method chain

To get started, use tap.mixin to add the method to any object. For maximum awesome (at max ballsiness):


Once mixed in, any object that inherits it, or primative that inherits from an object that does, can have regular functions injected in to method chains:


var o = { name: 'hugh', occupation: 'softare engineer'  }


// alert -> ["name", "occupation"]

tap.mixin adds .tap to each object passed in. If in an es5 environment, it will added as a non-enumerable, so as not to show up in loops. Otherwise, it adds it as a regular property.

.tap takes a function, and any number of additional arguments. It calls the function , passing in the value of this within the method as the first argument to the function, and the additional arguments are passed after that.

Install via:

npm install tap-chain

And require:

var tap = require('tap-chain')

download and include as a script tag, or use npm with browserify or requirejs.

This library has a companion blog post.