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git push deploy with taco

npm install -g taco-git-push-deploy

build status


First go into your application that you want to deploy using git push

cd my-app

Make sure this app has a package.json that contains a name field. Then run

# substitute with an ssh user/host you want to setup deployment to

This will open your editor with a file that looks like this one

# setup your taco pipeline 
# make sure git, taco-build, taco-mon etc is installed on your server 
git archive --format=tar master | taco-build "npm install" | taco-mon deploy ~

This is the script that will be running on the server when you git push to it. If you wan't to use a different build command than npm install etc you should edit it here.

When you save and close this script file in your editor taco-git-push-deploy will login to your server, create a bare git repo, add your script as a post-receive hook and and the repo as a remote called deploy in your local repo

Now all you need to do to deploy your app is

git push deploy master