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Tabris.js CLI

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Command line tools which make developing Tabris.js apps even easier.


npm install -g tabris-cli


Creating a new Tabris.js project

tabris init

... will guide you through creating a Tabris.js project structure in the current directory.

Serving a Tabris.js app

tabris serve

... will start a server you can point the Tabris.js developer app to.

Building a Tabris.js app

tabris build [android|ios|windows]

... will perform a local app build. Requires an installation of the development tools for the respective platform. The path to the cordova platform is expected in the environment variable TABRIS_ANDROID_PLATFORM, TABRIS_IOS_PLATFORM, or TABRIS_WINDOWS_PLATFORM, respectively. These platforms can be downloaded from

In addition to the build command, the cli supports a run command which behaves in the same manner as build but also deploys the build app to a connected device.

tabris run [android|ios|windows]


Clone the repository:

$ git clone

Then inside the project directory run:

$ npm link

... to create a globally installed symbolic link to the module.

Project Goals

A Command Line Interface (CLI) could be used to:

Initialize a Tabris.js project

  • Delegate to yeoman

Start an application (serve files and folders)

In contrast to an HTTP server, the CLI could offer more capabilities

  • Take care of caching modes
  • Serve also snippet files without the need for a package.json
  • Transpile ES6 or typescript on the fly
  • Keep track of changes and notify the client

Build locally

  • prepare cordova folder layout in build folder
  • copy transpiled sources
  • start cordova build


Published under the terms of the BSD 3-Clause License.