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Tabris.js CLI

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The super tool for Tabris.js developers.

Table of Contents


npm install -g tabris-cli


tabris init

Creates a new Tabris.js app in the current directory.

See: Quick Start Guide - Tabris.js Documentation

tabris serve [options] [path]

Starts a server the Tabris.js developer app can be pointed to. If a build script is present in package.json, it is executed beforehand.


The file or directory to serve the Tabris.js app from. When ommitted, the current working directory is served.


-l, --logging

Enables request logging.

-w, --watch

Executes the watch instead of the build script given in the package.json of the app before serving. The watch script can be a long-running task.

tabris build [options] <platform> [cordova-platform-opts]

Builds a Tabris.js app for the given platform.

To speed up the build, pre-compiled build artifacts are kept in a build cache and are reused in subsequent builds. To clean up the build cache, e.g. after updating Cordova plug-ins, run tabris clean.

See: Building a Tabris.js app - Tabris.js Documentation


One of ios, android or windows.


Default options:

  • --debug
  • --emulator
  • --cordova-build-config=./build.json
--variables <replacements>

Comma-separated list of variable replacements in config.xml. --variables FOO=bar,BAK=baz will replace all occurrences of $FOO and $BAK in config.xml with respectively bar and baz.

Note: per default all environment variables are replaced in config.xml. To prevent that, use the --no-replace-env-vars option.

--cordova-build-config <path>

Path to a build configuration file passed to Cordova. Relative to the cordova/ directory.

See Cordova platform documentation (iOS, Android) for more information about the file format.

You may want to include this file in .gitignore since it may contain sensitive information.


Perform a debug build. Used for development.


Perform a release build. Used when building apps for the marketplace of their platform.


Build the app for an emulator.


Build the app for a device.


Do not replace environment variables in config.xml.

See --variables documentation for more information about variable replacement in config.xml.


Print more verbose output.


Platform-specific options passed to Cordova.

See: Platform-specific options - Cordova CLI Reference

tabris run [options] <platform> [cordova-platform-opts]

Builds a Tabris.js app and runs it on a connected device or emulator.

Uses same parameters as tabris build.

See: Building a Tabris.js app - Tabris.js Documentation

tabris clean

Removes build artifacts.


Published under the terms of the BSD 3-Clause License.