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    TAAPI.IO is an API that calculates Technical Analysis Indicator values.

    This NPM package is a wrapper and a client for communicating with the TAAPI.IO API

    Using this service requires registration. Please check TAAPI.IO. We offer free and paid plans.

    Using this client supports all exchanges / markets / timeframes. This client will take care of fetching candles from the exchanges and passing them on to for indicator calculation. This means that you yourself are responsible for staying under the exchanges rate-limits! A list of exchangeId's can be found at TAAPI.IO Client Documentation.

    Note on exchanges and limits

    The different exchanges has different limits as to how many candles one can fetch in one go. Therefore, a default of 100 is set here. We're updating our documentation to reflect each exchanges individual limits. But for now, you need to double check that the amount of candles that you expect are returned, and that the last one has the expected timestamp. Candles are always returned with the oldest first and newest last.

    Getting started

    • Sign up for a free/paid API key at TAAPI.IO
    • Create a new node project: npm init
    • Install this package: npm i taapi --save

    Using this NPM package as a wrapper

    Get started quickly with NodeJS and calculate indicator values with few lines of code.

    • Create your entry js file (index.js for instance) containing:
    // Require taapi
    const taapi = require("taapi");
    // Setup client with authentication
    const client = taapi.client("MY_SECRET");
    // The client params
    // client.getIndicator(indicator, exchangeId, symbol, interval, additionalParams, backtrack, candlesCount);
    // Get the BTC/USDT RSI value on the 1 minute timeframe from binance
    client.getIndicator("rsi", "binance", "BTC/USDT", "1m").then(function(result) {
        console.log("Result: ", result);
    // CMF 10 minutes ago from kucoin
    client.getIndicator("cmf", "kucoin", "BTC/USDT", "1m", null, 10).then(function(result) {
        console.log("Result: ", result);
    // Current 200 Moving Average. Note here that binance supports fetching 500 candles making the 200 MA posible.
    client.getIndicator("ma", "binance", "BTC/USDT", "1m", {optInTimePeriod: 200}, 0, 300).then(function(result) {
        console.log("Result: ", result);
    // 50 Moving Average 10 minutes ago, Bitmex supports fetching only 100 candles
    client.getIndicator("ma", "bitmex", "BTC/USD", "1m", {optInTimePeriod: 50}, 10).then(function(result) {
        console.log("Result: ", result);

    Using this NPM package as a server with other programming languages

    You can use this package as a server, which will take care of fetching candle data from the exchanges and passing it on TAAPI.IO for calculation. Then use your favorite programming language to build your robot. Starting the server will setup a local REST API, that you can then query.

    // Require taapi
    const taapi = require("taapi");
    // Setup client with authentication
    const server = taapi.server("MY_SECRET");
    // Define port - Optional and defaults to 4101
    // server.setServerPort(3000);
    // Start the server

    Fetching data from a PHP script:

    // Define query
    $query = http_build_query(array(
      'indicator' => 'rsi',
      'exchange' => 'binance',
      'symbol' => 'BTC/USDT',
      'interval' => '1h',
      'candlesCount' => 200, // Default 100
    // Define endpoint. Change the port if you changed it when setting up the server
    $url = "http://localhost:4101/indicator?{$query}";
    // create curl resource 
    $ch = curl_init(); 
    // set url 
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url); 
    //return the transfer as a string 
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); 
    // $output contains the output string 
    $output = curl_exec($ch); 
    // close curl resource to free up system resources 
    // View result

    Using this NPM package to fetch candle data from exchanges

    // Require taapi
    const taapi = require("taapi");
    // Init
    const exchangeData = taapi.exchangeData();
    // The exchangeData params
    // exchangeData.getCandles(exchangeId, symbol, interval, backtrack, candlesCount)
    // Get the last 100 candles from Binance for the BTC/USDT 1m
    exchangeData.getCandles("binance", "BTC/USDT", "1m", 0, 100).then(function(result) {
        console.log("Result: ", result);
    // Get last candle from Binance for the BTC/USDT 1m
    exchangeData.getCandles("binance", "BTC/USDT", "1m", 0, 1).then(function(result) {
        console.log("Result: ", result);
    // Get 1 candle 10 minutes ago from Kucoin for the BTC/USDT 1m
    exchangeData.getCandles("kucoin", "BTC/USDT", "1m", 10).then(function(result) {
        console.log("Result: ", result[result.length - 1]);
    // Note: This will return 180 candles, this is not a bug
    exchangeData.getCandles("binance", "BTC/USDT", "1h", 20, 200).then(function(result) {
        console.log("Result: ", result.length);

    Calling multiple indicators in Bulk

    // Require taapi: npm i taapi --save
    const taapi = require("taapi");
    // Setup client with authentication
    const client = taapi.client("MY_SECRET");
    // Init bulk queries. This resets all previously added queries
    // Get the BTC/USDT rsi, ao, adx, cmf, macd, atr, rsi 5 hours ago, 50 MA values on the 1 hour time frame from binance
    client.addBulkQuery("rsi", "binance", "BTC/USDT", "1h");
    client.addBulkQuery("ao", "binance", "BTC/USDT", "1h");
    client.addBulkQuery("adx", "binance", "BTC/USDT", "1h");
    client.addBulkQuery("cmf", "binance", "BTC/USDT", "1h");
    client.addBulkQuery("macd", "binance", "BTC/USDT", "1h");
    client.addBulkQuery("atr", "binance", "BTC/USDT", "1h", null, 0, "my_custom_id"); // Override id
    client.addBulkQuery("rsi", "binance", "BTC/USDT", "1h", null, 5); // RSI 5 hours ago
    client.addBulkQuery("ma", "binance", "BTC/USDT", "1h", {optInTimePeriod: 50}); // 50 MA
    client.executeBulkQueries().then(result => {
    }).catch(error => {

    Calling multiple indicators in Bulk (Other programming languages)

    The server part of this client can also query in bulk, to do this, please visit the TAAPI.IO Client Documentation

    v1.2.6 Updates

    Bulk queries added to the local server. 3 new endpoints added:

    • /init-bulk-queries
    • /add-bulk-query
    • /execute-bulk-queries

    For a full documentation, please visit the: TAAPI.IO Client Documentation

    • candlesCount added to the addBulkQuery() method as the last parameter
    • added method: getExchangeStructure(exchangeId:String, print:boolean)
    • added method: getExchangeTimeframes(exchangeId:String, print:boolean)
    • bumped CCXT version to: 1.26.44


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