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t Build Status

A daily time tracker


npm install -g t-cli

Next, install terminal notify, see this introduction.


  • A pomodoro set to 25 mins
  • After a pomodoro, earned a short break(5 mins)
  • Every 4 "pomodori" earned a longer break(15 mins)

Every task started, followed by a pomodoro.

Press Ctrl+C during a pomodoro is an interruption, you can choose a interrupted reason, or input a reason directly, the reason will be loaded next time. Once press Ctrl+C will save the task, press one more time to exist.


First, set task files' saved directory:

t set directory/

Add a task and start working on this task:

t start 'task working on'

List today's tasks with ids:

t list

List last 3 days' tasks

t list 3

Start working on a task by id:

t start id

Add a todo task:

t add 'todo item'